Williams Consulting
is a First Nation family-owned business specializing in Aboriginal Research, Strategic Planning, Policy Development, Project Management, Facilitation and Assessment/Evaluation.

Their disciplines include: Public Health, Health, Education, Early Childhood Development, Governance, Community Development, Housing, Human Rights, Justice, Economic Development and Environmental Issues.

In existence for 25 years, the company has worked primarily with First Nation and Aboriginal people. Williams Consulting has an extensive record carrying out qualitative and quantitative research initiatives. In addition, they conduct needs assessments, review and evaluate programs and policies and support organizational development. Williams Consulting designs and delivers culturally relevant workshops, facilitates stakeholder consultations and guides conflict resolution.  Subject matter expertise crosses numerous disciplines including governance, lands and trust, comprehensive community planning, housing, environment, human rights, health, mental health, public health, justice, education and early childhood development. Williams Consulting works across multiple jurisdictions on behalf of First Nation and Aboriginal clients.

Team members have experience with many First Nation and Aboriginal communities in urban, rural and remote areas across Canada. Williams Consulting’s knowledge of Indigenous worldviews and their practical experience in First Nation and Aboriginal communities has proved to be a valuable asset in the design and implementation of the many projects and studies in which we participate.  The company provides analysis and report writing based on current accountability frameworks while integrating culturally relevant indicators. In particular, Williams Consulting is known for their work with community members on sensitive issues using Indigenous paradigms as well as respect for First Nation and Aboriginal community experiences and protocols.

Williams Consulting has worked closely with numerous public, private, First Nation, Aboriginal, federal, provincial and territorial government clients on a large number of assignments, including program development, program evaluation, organizational review, policy review, environmental scanning, quantitative and qualitative database development, public and multi-stakeholder consultation, training, negotiated agreements and research. Our clients have included Human Resources Development Canada, Health Canada, Canadian Heritage, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, the Native Women’s Association of Canada, Chiefs of Ontario, Independent First Nations and the University of Ulster among others. Team members are familiar and have worked with many First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities in urban, rural and remote areas.

Williams Consulting and PathDMS has two locations to better meet the needs of our customers.

Hiawatha First Nation, Ontario and Tsuu T’ina Nation, 5 Manyhorses Park, Redwood Meadows, Alberta, T3Z 1A2   
Toll Free: (855) 728 4367; Phone: (403) 949 5613;Fax: (587) 317 7338;
Andrea Cell: (587) 284 4029; Kienan Cell: (587) 284 2157

Williams Consulting is continuing to provide excellent services in the area of quality program planning, organizational reviews, evaluations, assessments and project management in many different fields. We are especially proud of our success with assisting clients in meeting new accountability requirements for Community Health Plans as well as our ongoing work in mental health, addictions and integration.

Our team members possess extensive experience in:

  • Familiarity (front line experience) with internal organizational environment of both Aboriginal and federal governments

  • Familiarity (front line experience) with the diverse First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples and organizations and their organizational environment

  • Facilitation and mediation between First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples or organizations and the private or public sector

  • Designing and conducting workshops and consultations

  • Project Management

  • Cross cultural education, relationship building, communication in order to reach mutually agreeable outcomes

  • Professionally facilitate meetings in a non-partisan manner and facilitate productive discussions

  • Organize well-structured forums enabling all participants to express their thoughts and points of view

  • Communicate clearly with the parties to enable successful attendance and participation

  • Develop effective approaches for complex and sensitive issues;

  • Professional note taking/transcription of consultations completed in a tight time frame (within 3 business days)

  • Preparing, analyzing and summarizing proceedings of meetings for national, territorial and provincial consultation initiatives

  • Curriculum development

  • Research and evaluation (particularly integrating Indigenous Knowledge)

  • Working under tight deadlines

  • Working for Aboriginal, First Nation and federal government clients with large, complex projects

  • Understanding of recent Aboriginal court decisions and their implications for First Nation, Métis and Inuit rights

Williams Consulting’s knowledge of First Nation worldviews and practical experience in First Nation and Aboriginal communities, as well as their experience working with the Canadian federal government, National Aboriginal organizations, the private sector and the International organizations has proved a valuable asset in the design and implementation of the many projects and studies we participate in. The firm works on an ongoing basis with Aboriginal organizations, federal, provincial and territorial governments providing analysis and report writing based on their Results Based Management Accountability Framework, logic models and culturally relevant performance indicators.

Williams Consulting is an Aboriginal Business as defined in the Set Aside for Aboriginal Business procurement (PSAB).