Kate Killoran, Hons B.A. Researcher Policy Analyst

Kate Killoran, Hons B.A. Researcher Policy AnalystResearcher

Kate holds a Hons B.A. from Trent University with a specialization in Gender and Social Justice.  She has an extensive background in Indigenous Studies and front-line experience working with Indigenous people particularly in the Montréal area.  In addition to her background as a front line health care provider and more recently as a researcher, Kate has always been involved in gender and social justice issues. For example, she has undertaken sewing alterations for gender affirming clothing for trans people in the community.  She volunteered with the CKUT homelessness marathon based out of Friendship Centre in Montreal.  She worked with 2SLGBTQIA+ youth with Project 10 Montreal as a counsellor and provided food services to people experiencing homelessness in downtown Montreal.  She brings her strong interpersonal skills, adaptability, critical thinking skills honed through research, writing and community-work to the workplace.


Kate is a full-time researcher/policy analyst for Williams Consulting, supporting all contracts they undertake. Her role is to undertake research, needs assessments and evaluation activities, assist in the development of policies and procedures, reports and proposals, support capacity development and planning in the diverse fields in which we work.