Shirley Ida Williams

Shirley Ida WilliamsElder/ Indigenous Knowledge and Language advisor

Honours B.A., M.A.
Interviewer / Cultural Advisor
Enhanced Reliability Security Clearance


Ms Shirley Ida Williams is a member of the Bird Clan of the Ojibway and Odawa First Nations of Canada. Her Aboriginal name is “Migizi ow-kwe” meaning “that Eagle Woman”. She was born and raised at Wikwemikong, First Nations Unceded Reserve on Manitoulin Island, now residing in Peterborough. She attended the St. Joseph’s Residential School, Spanish, Ontario. Shirley has lectured across Ontario promoting Nishnaabe language and Culture.

She received her B.A. degree in Native Studies from Trent University. She received her diploma in Native Language Instructor’s Program, Lakehead University and her M.A. at York University on Language and Culture Manitoulin Dialect in 1996. Shirley started her work in the Native Studies Department in 1986 to develop and promote Native language courses within the department.